A – Yes, our team of specialists will help diagnose any respiratory symptom. Some common symptoms we diagnose can be found here

A – Possibly, however you will receive a personal call from one of our team prior to your appointment, so they will advise you of anything you need to prepare or bring with you.

A – Yes, most tests mean you can return home immediately, however we allow some time following the test for you to recover and rest.

A – Most Sleep Studies can be carried out at home now, but depends on the case.

A – You can find out what to expect from our Exercise Tests here.

A – If you have health insurance you may be able to use this, however there are also self-paying options too.

A – Our diagnostic tests are nationally approved tariffs, however some insurance companies have their own fees. More information about our Fees can be found here, and you can contact us for more detailed information.

A – The Finance Department at BMI The Shelburne Hospital will give you more information about payment methods in advance of your appointment.

A – You can send an email to our team: contact@ridgewayrespiratoryservices.co.uk. All feedback is welcome and processed. We may use this on our website and other promotional material so please advise us if you do not wish for this to be used publicly. We don’t publish any names for confidentiality.

A – You can use our Referral Form to pass on important information about your patient. We will be very happy to look after your patient to the highest standard of care.